Baby Shower Agenda Template and Sample

An agenda traces the most important phases of the party. Specific time period is allocated to each activity, starting from welcoming guests and moving on to the manner in which the mom-to-be will receive gifts.

Baby Shower Agenda

A baby shower traditionally lasts two to four hours. Use an agenda to distribute this time among activities and to give guests a chance to socialize and to get to know each other better.


Before making the agenda, sit down and list all of the party phases – welcoming guests, giving people some time to grab food and drinks, games and activities, present opening and cake eating.


Some steps can be merged together if they happen to be related or less significant. Take the time to finalize the list of phases and activities. Once you are ready, you can start allocating time to each.


The following is a sample agenda you can use:

  1. Arrival of guests (starts at [exact time] and lasts 30 minutes
  2. Free time for people to socialize, grab food and drinks (one hour)
  3. Games (40 minutes)
  4. Opening of the presents and distribution of favors (one hour)
  5. Cutting the cake and letting everyone grab a piece (30 minutes)
  6. Time for tea, coffee and showing guests out (30 minutes)
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