Animals are a popular theme concept when planning a baby shower, since they are cute and cuddly. Read about these baby shower animal theme ideas:

  • Baby Shower Butterfly Theme

    There are a lot of different themes and one that is unique is the butterfly theme. The butterfly is a different theme and has a lot of fun options available.

  • Baby Shower Bird Themes

    There are a lot of themes to choose from and fun one to do is a bird theme. This is especially nice to do if the mom-to-be likes birds or a particular bird.

  • Barnyard Theme

    A wonderful twist on the average baby shower is a cute and fun barnyard theme! Bring back old loved classics like 'pin the tail on the donkey' or go all out with a small petting zoo! There are simple to extravagant ways to have fun with a barnyard themed shower for yourself or that special mommy to be!

  • Animal Babies Theme

    A fun idea for a theme for a baby shower is a baby animal theme. There are so many options from venues of where to have the baby shower to foods you eat at the shower itself.

  • Lamb and Sheep Baby Shower Theme

    Lambs and sheep are a sweet baby shower theme. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Unicorn Baby Shower

    A unicorn is a mystical creature. Here are some ideas if you want to throw a unicorn themed baby shower party.

  • Panda Baby Shower

    Planning a panda themed baby shower? Look no further. Get tips and ideas for the best panda baby shower right here!

  • Puppy Baby Shower

    You can find many ideas on a puppy themed baby shower. Ideas that can help you brainstorm and help you throw a perfect baby shower. Food, decor, and a few games are covered.

  • Kitten Baby Shower

    Discover how easy it is to embody a much loved icon of affection into your baby shower. The kitten is one of the most adorable creatures known to females and they add a fun, cute element to any party. Read about kitten costumes, feline friendly snacks, and frolic worthy games to make your kitten themed baby shower a party everyone will remember.

  • Penguin Baby Shower

    Throwing a Penguin themed baby shower is easy and fun! Here are some ideas to help you get started!

  • Out from Down Under: Your Koala Baby Shower

    This article relates the possibilities when planning a koala themed baby shower. Let these ideas of Australian decor, luscious foods, and unique shower games excite you as your plan a baby shower.

  • Fish Baby Shower

    Fishes and fishing is a rare, but unique theme for a baby shower party. Here are some fish themed party ideas.

  • Dragonfly Themed Baby Shower

    Want to throw a dragonfly themed baby shower? Here are some ideas on how to do so!

  • Baby Shower Animals

    If you want to throw a baby shower that has an animal theme to it, there are plenty of options ready for you to discover. Here, you will find enough ideas to put together a whole party.

  • King of the jungle baby shower

    Sweet and fun, king of the jungle theme is perfect for a baby shower. Keep reading to find all you need to know about decorations, foods and centerpiece

  • Frog baby shower

    Fun and sweet, a frog baby shower is suitable both for baby boys and baby girls. Find out great ideas on foods and decorations that suit the frog theme.

  • Ladybug Baby Shower Theme

    Think of all the fun you can have with this theme…not just with the design, but the colors, food ideas, and games.  A ladybug baby shower theme works especially well in the spring or summertime. If you’re looking for a totally unique themed baby ...

  • Zebra baby shower theme

    Zebra baby shower theme is very versatile: you can make it funny and playful or you can make it elegant and classy. The brown and white combination of stripes looks amazing on invitations, banners, tablecloths and other party decorations. If you want a...

  • Owl baby shower

    Maybe the owl baby shower theme is not the first one that crosses your mind. But, if you want something truly original and unforgettable, then you should definitely consider an owl baby shower theme. As you probably know already, owls are an ancient sy...

  • How to organize the perfect monkey baby shower theme party

    If you’re planning to organize a baby shower party, the monkey baby shower theme is an amazing idea, which allows you to organize a funny, lively party. First of all, you need to decide on the colors of the party and a specific monkey theme. You can ...

  • Ideas for a giraffe baby shower theme party

    A giraffe is a unique animal, just like your new baby! Here are some fun ideas if you choose to adopt a giraffe baby shower theme.


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