Baby Shower “Apple of My Eye” Theme

Many people have a hard time picking a singular them for a baby shower when they begin planning for the event. Many people like the “Apple of my Eye” theme but are not sure how to implement it. It can be one of the most fun themes you could pick out and supports being creative at the same time.

When you begin to prepare for this theme, you will first have to decide on colors and items that will mesh well with the original thought. Many people associate apples with the season of fall.  If you are having a baby towards in the fall, even better! Some of the most fun you will have planning is finding little Autumn-esque items to decorate the room with. When thinking about a fall color scheme, think of all the colors you would naturally find in nature, browns, oranges and yellows should all find themselves in a good fall scene. There are many places that sell great scented candles for you to have scattered around the house. That will really add to the overall ambiance.

Think of how fun it will be to create little apple decorations and invitations. You could have apple invites for the younger attendees and apple trees for the older ones (the old axiom, “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree”). The guests will enjoy the subtle joke if done right. Another fun idea is to have a family tree picture set up for everyone to see. Be sure to include as many of the family and guests as possible and be sure to include the newest addition to the family as well!

While covering the topic of food, keep in mind the apple theme of course. Maybe you have a few appetizers of various apples to match the color theme of your event. Red and green of course, but there are yellow apples as well. If you know of a good recipe, a good apple pie is always a hit at any party. When you consider the theme, it is almost a must.

Apple cider could also be a good choice, especially if the weather is colder out.  Just a word of caution, while you do want to have a clear theme to the party, you probably do not want to overload the guests on the apples when it comes to the food at the shower. Just use discretion when picking out all of your favorite foods for the party. If it seems like there are too many apples on your ingredients list that is probably exactly what your guests will think.

These were just a few of the fun ideas that are possible with this theme. Many associate the fall season with family and friends. Others still associate fall with a change in life and nature. This theme is a great way to celebrate both, a new addition to the family and a big change in your own lives. A little creativity can turn a theme that is cliche or classy and fun.

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