Baby Shower Crafts

Baby shower crafts are a fun way for kids and adults to create something useful for a baby shower party. Check out these baby shower craft ideas.

  • How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers

    Crepe paper flowers add a cheerful dash of color to your baby shower decorations. They're easy to make, too!

  • How to Make Washcloth Roses

    Learn how to make washcloth roses. Put the washcloth roses into a centerpiece or gift for a great baby shower present or center piece.

  • Shirt or Onesie Decorating

    It is a great to include some creative ideas when it comes to baby showers. Shirt and onesie decorating are fun baby shower activities for everyone.

  • How to Make a Washcloth Lollipop

    It is easy to make a baby washcloth lollipop by hand. You only require cheap items. It would be a perfect baby shower gift.

  • How to Make a Washcloth Cupcake

    Brighten any expecting mother's day with these adorable washcloth cupcakes.

  • How to Make a Washcloth Corsage

    Washcloth corsages for baby showers are a unique idea and something that is a unique way to add something to a shower. It also is something that can be used after the shower so it’s a resourceful gift idea as well.

  • How to Make a Washcloth Bouquet

    Adding a baby washcloth bouquet to a baby shower is a unique and great idea for a baby shower. It is a unique way of adding a little decoration and be useful following the shower.

  • How to Make a Towel Cake

    Towel cakes are a useful and unique gift for a baby shower. They also make for a great centerpiece that will permit guests plenty of opportunity to talk about throughout the shower.

  • How to Make a Towel Bear

    This article will teach you a fun and easy way to make a bear using towels. Great for party favors and gifts!

  • How to Make a Sock Bouquet

    Making a sock bouquet is very easy and inexpensive idea for a baby shower gift. The sock flowers that are made can also be a fun way to decorate or add to other gifts.

  • How To Hand-Craft a Cloth Bear for a Baby Shower

    A handcrafted gift is a treasure forever. It is simple to create a cloth bear for that baby shower you are attending. Here are step by step instructions to create a special cloth bear.

  • How to Make a Diaper Bear

    Diaper bears are a great gift idea for a baby shower and can make for a fun themed craft party. This article describes how to make a diaper bear.

  • How to Make an Original Diaper Baby for a Baby Shower

    This article discusses making diaper babies. It includes how to present diaper babies as a gift for a baby shower.

  • How to Make a Baby Bootie Bouquet

    One of the most beautiful and useful gifts to bring to a baby shower is a baby bootie bouquet and you can make this on your own. Making a baby bootie bouquet is so simple that anyone can try.

  • How to Make a Baby Sock Boutonneire

    This article clearly explains the steps to make baby sock boutonnieres. They are classy and can be used for decoration works in homes, parties and offices. They are easy to make and inexpensive.

  • How to Make a Candy Pacifier Necklace

    This article describes ways to make a candy pacifier necklace for your baby shower, and offers suggestions as to how they may be incorporated into your shower.

  • Make Your Own Baby Shower Bingo

    Bingo is a common baby shower party game. Here is a fun twist on the age old bingo game for baby showers.

  • Make Your Own Baby Shower Card

    Make an unforgettable gift with cardstock, photos and other creative items. It's going to cost you about the same as a store-bought card, but it's much more personal.

  • How to Make a Baby Diaper Bouquet

    This article suggests how to make a diaper bouquet and where it might be placed at your baby shower.

  • How to Make a Diaper Wreath

    A diaper wreath is a classy and fun way to award the mom-to-be. It can be used as a decorating item that can be hung on walls and doors just like a Christmas wreath that takes up less space. The number of diapers required is comparatively less than other diaper decorating items.

  • How to Make a Baby Sock Bouquet

    Baby sock bouquets are a fun and practical baby shower gift. Here are some instructions for making your own baby sock bouquet.

  • Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

    Quick, easy, do it yourself tips on how to break away from electronic invites and get back to the original art of hand made invitations.

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Baby Shower Invites

    Custom baby shower invites are expensive! However, for a crafty person, they don't have to be! Find some ideas on how to put together your own baby shower invites for a customized sensation!

  • Make Your Own Thank You Cards

    There are many choices of how you can make your own thank you cards for baby shower gifts. Be creative and use your own personality to really make the cards special.

  • Make Your Own Diaper Cakes

    This article contains ideas for alternatives to traditional diaper cakes. It explores making eco-friendly diaper cakes, skipping the diaper cake, and making a traditional diaper cake.

  • Make Your Own Baby Gift Basket

    In this article we will walk you though making a gift basket that will not only make the expecting mother happy, but will impress everybody at the shower. Starting with the basket itself, we will hold you hand through populating and decorating the basket so that you are the life of the party.

  • How to Make a Lollipop Bouquet

    This edible centerpiece is easy to make and colorful to look at. Personalize this creation with your favorite lollypop for any occasion!

  • How to Make a Washcloth Boo Boo Bunny

    A boo boo bunny is a washcloth that has been folded to look like a bunny. It can hold an ice cube and be held on a child's injury. Materials and directions are listed.

  • How to Make Baby Shower Candles

    Homemade, personal candles are a unique way to "light up" your baby shower and provide guests with a keepsake to remember this special day. Making your own candles is easy following some simple steps.

  • Tying It In All Together: Baby Shower Bows

    Read tips on innovative ideas to incorporate the use of bows into a baby shower. Use your imagination to create inexpensive baby shower bows, and tie the whole theme together using bows!

  • How to Make a Baby Shower Mum

    Baby shower mums are beautiful decorative pieces that remain relatively easy to make on your own.

  • How to Make a Baby Shower Banner

    This is an article that helps people to make a baby shower banner. It uses 3 points of reference to help them make a decision on what to make, and how to make it.

  • Baby Shower Paper Products

    Paper products and decorations rank among the most inexpensive and beautiful baby shower items.

  • Baby Shower Origami

    You can incorporate origami in the baby shower theme and activities. Have fun with the art of making figures from paper.

  • Baby Shower Bouquet Ideas and Instructions

    You can make baby shower bouquets in various different and original manners.

  • Baby Shower Borders

    Borders and border clip art will add something special to your baby shower invitation.

  • Baby Shower Arts and Crafts

    Arts and crafts are very important for a baby shower. They keep guests entertained and they add to the appeal of the party.

  • Baby Scrapbooking Ideas

    There are many ways to preserve memories from wonderful moments. A baby scrapbook is one such great idea.

  • Baby Shower Napkins

    Napkins can be customized to correspond to the baby shower theme and emotionality.

  • Baby Keepsake Box

    A baby keepsake box is a wonderful gift for a baby shower. You can either purchase it or make the box on your own.

  • Baby Clothes Bouquet

    A baby clothes bouquet looks great and it is something practical that the mom-to-be will be taking home, once the party is over.

  • Baby Centerpiece Craft Ideas

    Centerpieces play an important role during each type of party. Here are several original baby shower centerpiece ideas.

  • DIY favor tags

    Bring a special touch to the baby shower party and make personalized favor tags for all the guests. Keep reading for great suggestions and ideas.

  • Baby Shower Favors to Make Yourself

    One of the many things to think about when planning a baby shower is what baby shower favors tom make yourself. There are many possible baby shower favors and some you can even make yourself!

  • How to Make Baby Shower Decorations Quick and Easy

    Planning out a baby shower is a lot of work and rather expensive. But there are many ways to decorate a party like this in a very inexpensive way.

  • How to Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

    One of the main features of a baby shower or any party for that matter is the centerpiece. You can make a baby shower centerpieces on your own or purchase a few small items and put together a personalized centerpiece fit for your baby shower’s theme!

  • How to Make a Diaper Wreath

    Thinking up of a gift for baby showers could be quite a challenge. Learning how too make a diaper wreath is an excellent idea to solve this dilemma it could also be a great centerpiece for the party.

  • How to Make a Baby Shower Wishing Well

    The baby shower wishing well is a symbolic piece in the party that allows the guests to make their wishes for the new mom. You can make a baby shower wishing well yourself to make that baby shower even more special!

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