Baby Shower Planning

Baby showers require a lot of time and planning to get it right. Here are some crucial baby shower planning tips and ideas:

  • Gay Baby Shower

    A gay baby shower is the same as a traditional one - the theme, decorations, invitations, food and activities remain the same.

  • Baby Shower Bundles

    Bundles are created to facilitate party planning. Baby shower bundles can be discovered in any party supply store.

  • Baby Shower Backdrops

    Backdrops should be used to affect the atmosphere and to make baby shower decorations more realistic.

  • Booking Baby Shower Hotel Rooms

    Tips for planning and booking hotel rooms for baby shower guests is a good idea for those traveling far to come to the shower. It is a nice gesture so that guests don't have to make arrangements.

  • How to Pick a Party Theme

    This is just a short article on planning and picking out a theme for your baby shower with a few hints and ideas to help.

  • Favors and Invitations

    Planning a baby shower can be tedious or it can be fun and sometimes both! One thing to keep in mind is that before you can do anything, you need to know the budget for the baby shower.

  • Save Money with Bulk Baby Shower Candy and Supplies

    Baby showers can be quite expensive, but a great way to save some money is buying in larger quantities. These savings are awesome for when you have a considerable amount of people attending a baby shower.

  • Boy Baby Shower Ideas

    It is very easy to plan a baby shower if you know it’s a boy. A lot of ideas can put into action for boy baby shower functions.

  • How to Have a Baby Shower at a Restaurant

    Don’t have a place for a baby shower party? Consider hosting one at a nearby restaurant.

  • Tips for Stress Free Party Planning

    Party planning doesn’t have to be stressful. Here is how to plan a baby shower with less stress by focusing on budget, organization, and communication.

  • Baby Shower Registry

    If you are going back and forth, wondering why you need to do a baby registry, make sure you read this article before you decide. You schedule will thank you later.

  • Hiring or Getting a Baby Shower Photographer

    This article just goes over a few tips to make sure that your event has pictures taken by professional photographers. If you have questions about how to set up hiring or getting a professional baby shower photographer, read ahead.

  • Photo Album Ideas

    Baby shower photography is simple, but very important, to get a great album which others adore. An album is something which should remain for years to cherish those sweet moments in our lives. So you should never miss, even a single shot which is worth keeping. Here are some important points for creating a baby shower album.

  • Baby Shower Advice & Planning Tips

    Ever wonder how some people can throw better baby showers than others? This article goes over common sense practices to help you throw a better baby shower.

  • Baby Shower Traditions around the World

    This article is about the various traditions and customs related to baby showers from around the world. Even though the customs differ with region, culture and religion, the baby showers are aimed at showering blessings on the expectant mother and the child.

  • Belly Painting

    Belly painting is an ancient custom that is making a revival on the baby shower circuit. Find out how to create a memorable keepsake for the expectant parents with this modern take on belly painting.

  • How to Have a Baby Shower after Baby Is Born

    It is fun to have a baby shower after the baby is born as it gives family and friends an opportunity to personally meet your new baby. It is also a great idea so that you have a better idea of what gifts to give to the new mother as well.

  • Alternatives to Having a Baby Shower

    This article shows that instead of a traditional baby shower, a blesingway can be used in its place. A blessingway is a nice alternative for someone who isn't into all of the frills of a typical baby shower.

  • Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas

    Here are some entertainment tips and ideas to make your baby shower an event to remember. Some low cost and simple planning can make your baby shower fun for everyone.

  • Baby Shower Ice Breaker Ideas

    When hosting a baby shower, break the ice by asking each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. Guests can try to match the picture with its owner.

  • How to Have an Autumn Baby Shower

    It is easy and fun to find themes to use for a Fall baby shower! Autumn is the perfect time to combine the changing of the seasons with the changing of life that will come with a new baby: celebrate with delicious seasonal foods and cute Fall themes!

  • Cheap Baby Shower Ideas

    Baby shower is an important event for an expectant mother. It need not be expensive if people with love surround you.

  • Baby Shower Activity Ideas

    New age baby shower games and ideas for activities. Not the same old stuff you've seen at every shower - these definitely aren't activities people will forget.

  • How to Have an Adoption Baby Shower

    This article explores having an adoption baby shower. It gives ideas that are suitable for a couple who has just adopted, regardless of the age.

  • Budget Baby Shower Ideas

    This article will detail on how you can save on your upcoming baby shower. These cost cutting measures will result in great savings without sacrificing the quality of your shower.

  • Baby Shower Songs

    Choosing baby shower songs is a fun task. The music will determine the atmosphere of the party.

  • Baby Shower Budget Worksheet Template

    A baby shower budget worksheet template will help you get organized and allocating funds efficiently.

  • Baby Shower Timing

    Timing is very important for the success of a party. The right baby shower timing will give guests a chance to have fun and to get to know each other.

  • When and Where Should You have the Baby Shower?

    Choosing the date and venue for the baby shower should depend on the etiquette and on convenience.

  • Special Baby Shower

    A baby shower will be special, as long as it includes an original idea and some planning creativity.

  • Planning a Baby Shower Budget

    The baby shower budget should be determined carefully so that you can plan the perfect party.

  • How Long Should the Shower Last?

    The duration of a baby shower really depends on the specifics of the event. According to etiquette, it should continue for two to three years.

  • Fun Baby Shower Activities

    Baby shower activities are very important for a fun and a truly enjoyable party.

  • Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

    The baby shower invitation is the first item that guests get. It has to look good and it needs to be informative.

  • Baby Shower Clip Art

    Clipart can be used successfully in many aspects of the baby shower planning and decorating process.

  • Baby Shower Invitations Examples

    The baby shower invitation is a very essential part of the party planning process. Choosing the right wording will make the magic happen.

  • Baby Shower Traditions around the World

    Baby Showers are celebrated in different ways around the world. Here are some baby shower traditions around the world.

  • Baby shower ideas for boys

    If you are planning a boy baby shower and you're out of ideas, keep reading to find out how to organize a great party: themes, games and favors ideas!

  • Ideas for a beautiful girl baby shower

    Learn how to organize a romantic baby shower for a baby girl. Keep reading to find out how to pick the theme and decorations and also games and favors ideas.

  • How to organize a boy baby shower

    Are you planning a boy baby shower party? Keep reading for a lot of great ideas on baby shower themes, games and more.

  • Baby Shower Agenda Template and Sample

    A baby shower agenda is a good way to keep your baby shower organized. Here is an sample baby shower agenda template.

  • Baby Shower Checklist

    A baby shower checklist is a great way to stay organized when planning the perfect baby shower. Here is a sample checklist you can use.

  • Baby Shower Planner

    If you are the host and/or the organizer of a baby shower, you need to know it’s a very important job. Mom-to-be's are very emotional, and the baby shower party is a huge deal to them. They just love be surrounded by friends and family and are the ce...

  • Baby Shower Photography

    Baby shower photography is a very important part of planning the party. Baby showers are very sentimental moments and the mom-to-be will love having a lot of photos from the event. First of all, you need to find a trustworthy person for the baby shower...

  • Baby Shower Music

    If you’re organizing a baby shower party, you need to find some good music. There are several things you need to consider when it comes to baby shower music. The mommy-to-be’s tastes in music are your first concern. Remember, you throw the party as...

  • Baby Shower Locations

    Of course you’ll need to look at who to invite, what the theme should be, what food will you serve, what games will you entertain the guests with…but none of that means anything until you pick a baby shower location. You’ve been waiting and wait...

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