Balloon Game

Games are inevitable part of every baby shower functions. There are a lot of games which gives the babies and guests lot of excitement, fun and entertainment. Games not only meant for fun, but also for improve our skills and intelligence. One of the most amazing games is baby shower balloon game. A lot of games can be played using balloons. But the game described below is an interesting one.

There should be preparation for the game before starting it. The game is for all mother’s who come in to the function. The game depends upon the luck of the participants. First of all, purchase balloons for all the guests who are going to come for the function. We should know their names as well as their child’s name for this game. In this game, we are going to insert two slips inside the balloon. One slip might contain the name of the baby along with their mother’s name. The mother’s will be asked to select one balloon from the bunch of balloons. Each mother should take the balloon with their babies name inside it.


What if they can’t? Here comes the funny part. Before the balloon gets inflated, you should place another slip into it. This slip might contain an action which should be performed by mother or the guest, if they cannot select the corresponding balloon. The actions must be funny as well as entertaining. It will be fine if mothers will be asked to sing a lullaby or a nursery rhyme. Or it could be to perform a small dance. If more than one guest makes a mistake, you can ask them to perform a skit or a group dance. The funniest part is that, if anybody selects a balloon erroneously, another guest might also select an erroneous one.

For starting the game, the balloons must be attached to the wall with tape. Or you can scatter them around the room before the baby shower. Then ask each guest to select a balloon with their name in it. Anyone who selects the balloon correctly will be announced as a winner. If more than one people selects correctly, then they might have to compete for the prize. A balloon popping contest to see who can pop the most balloons in a minute or fit the most balloons in their shirts can be a fun tie breaker.

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