Baby Shower Bathtub Punch

A baby bath tub could have numerous creative uses apart from the most obvious one. You can even use it to make baby shower decorations. Uncertain about the manner in which a bath tub can be utilized? Keep on reading!

The baby shower bath tub that you use during the baby shower could later on become a present for the mom-to-be. This makes it both cute and very practical.

A bath tub can be utilized as a food and beverage container. The idea is great, especially if you are having a rubber duckling-themed baby shower or anything else that is connected to the bathing of the baby.

Create a beautiful and cute punch bowl. Yes, it will be made out of the baby bath tub.

The Bowl and the Accessories
Instead of a punch bowl, get a baby bath tub. It is usually small enough to fit on your buffet table and large enough to contain significant amount of liquid.

If you feel uneasy with this idea, you can make use of a traditional punch bowl but make sure that it is made of glass. Feeling the punch bowl with a blue-colored punch will create the sentiment of water in a bath tub.

To make the punch bath tub even cuter, you can place rubber ducklings and other baby toys inside it. These accessories will help you make the cutest punch ever. Arrange it on the table – the punch bowl could actually become your menu centerpieces.

Baby Shower Bathtub Punch Recipes
The punch itself should also be chosen carefully. The color and its texture need to resemble the one of a foamy bath. You can achieve this feeling relatively effortlessly.

Here is a cute and intriguing baby shower blue punch idea. The ingredients that you will need include one packet of Kool-Aid, one bottle of ginger ale, one bottle of apple juice, one and a half cup of sugar, any suitable fruit-flavored ice cream and any other fruit or decoration that you want to use for the bowl.

Before you get started, make sure that all of the liquids are finely chilled. Stir the ginger ale with the sugar. Add the Kool-Aid and the juice. Stir until your punch becomes foamy and resembling bath water.

To make it even cuter, you will use the ice cream. Remove it from freezer about half an hour before serving the punch. Add as many scoops to the surface of the punch, as you feel comfortable with. Try to get ice cream that is either colored in white or beige – this will help you achieve the illusion of a baby bath.

Before serving the punch, decorate with the rubber ducklings and other baby bathtub toys. Your cute baby shower baby bath punch is ready.

Another blue punch can be made out of one bottle of Sprite, one package of Kool-aid, a bottle of white grape juice, vanilla ice cream and two cups of sugar.

The preparation procedure is quite the same as with the previous recipe. Make sure that all liquids are chilled. Before serving the punch, add the vanilla ice cream scoops to it. Enjoy this beautiful blue baby shower punch.

The baby shower bathtub punch idea is very creative and very easy to put together, which makes it perfect for the busy hostess. Give it a try, the guests of your baby shower are certain to enjoy it.

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