Baby Shower Boggle

Baby showers usually have a mixture of different age groups and sometimes it’s hard to think of games to play that fit all of the categories.  Baby shower boggle game is a great game that can be played by all ages.  There are a varied ways in which the hostess can choose to play the game.  Take into consideration how many guests you have at a shower when deciding which version of boggle you plan on using.

First, choose a topic whether it be about the baby or the mom-to-be.  If you have a smaller group of shower guests, this game can be played individually.  If there is a larger group, pick small teams to play together as a group.  Have a portable kitchen timer or another device to keep track of two minutes.  This game is fast moving and takes very little time to play.

The object would be to name as many things pertaining to the topic in the rolled diced letters.  This is fun for teams to play because the challenge is to not scream out answers so the other side doesn’t take note.  This gets guests who don’t know one another an opportunity to talk and share some good laughs.

If you don’t have an actual boggle diced game to use, simply put a scrambled word on a piece of paper.  Give the guests a timed period to come up with a list of items that pertain to the topic of choice.  If you need to simplify the game you can easily just have guests list the words they find and the person with the most answers wins.  To make the game more challenging, simply exclude two or three letter words.

Word games are a great way for guests to stay occupied while waiting for other guests to arrive.  If you run out of time to play games they are fun to take home for guests to do later when they get home.  Always remember that its fun to have inexpensive fun gifts for those who win.  If you have teams, make sure you have plenty of prizes for the entire team.  If you have additional time, its fun to have showdowns on the winning team until you get one winner.

No matter what, games are a fun way of adding some laughter and small talk with the guests at the baby shower.  Keep it simple and short and your guests will love the games all the more.

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