Baby Shower Bump Cake

When planning or participating in the menu for a baby shower, keeping with the theme of the mother and the baby is typically the idea. You will want food items that are cute but also edible. A baby bump cake is a cake that is actually created to look like the pregnant mother’s belly

It can be decorated in any color scheme the mother-to-be and party planners are using. This type of cake can be made in any flavor as well. It’s a fantastic centerpiece and it is sure to be a big hit. There are a lot of really cute ideas out there and a baby bump cake is one of them. It will be a conversation piece as well as a tasty treat.

This is the kind of dessert that you can pay good money for a professional cake decorator to make when actually it is quite easy to make yourself at home. In order to make a baby bump cake you will need to prepare in advance with the following items: sheet cake pan, a big bowl or dome cake pan, two small ball pans or cupcake pans, and various icings with your theme colors (pastel).


First, bake a half sheet cake. This will be the initial layer that the others are centered on top of. While this is cooling off you can use a big bowl or a dome cake pan and bake a cake in this creating a bump. This is the part that is the pregnant belly

Next you will need the two small ball pans or cup cake pans for the appearance of the mother’s breasts. After baking these and letting them cool, you can put them on a flat cake board (the 1 half sheet cake) to create the silhouette of a pregnant torso. It can be iced with a butter cream icing first to appear similar to the mother’s skin tone

You can decorate the “Bump Cake” like it’s wearing a dress (maybe in a pretty pastel color) The dress should be made in a color icing that really pops to draw attention to the bump cake. There are examples of pictures online that show the dress decorated with different color polka dots or flowers. Finalize the look with a pearl necklace and ruffles.

You can even use ready made fondant to cover areas of the cake that you would like to look shiny or matte and it will really look stunning. Make this baby shower a memorable one for both the mother-to-be and the guests. Treat them to a Baby Bump Cake. Even if the attendees have seen one before, each one can be created different and unique from the next. Have a wonderful shower!

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