Baby Shower Cabbage Patch Theme

One unique theme idea for a baby shower is Cabbage Patch Kids, especially if the mom-to-be has an interest in Cabbage Patch Kids. All of the decorations can be based on the Cabbage Patch Kids. Use pastel colored streamers draped along the room that say “little people” and “1978” which is the year the dolls were invented and their original name. There can be Cabbage Patch posters of the kids and their theme name put up on my walls and door.

You can also put up window clings of Cabbage Patch. For the centerpieces, have small versions of the dolls sitting on the table. Each of your guests will receive a doll of their own. The prizes for the games can be anything related to cabbage patch dolls and you can have a grand prize of a collection of different dolls for each year they have been around.

For the games, you can add a Cabbage Patch twist. For example, for the “never say baby” game I will be adding the words “kids”, “little”, “people”, and “patch” to the list of words that the guests won’t be allowed to say. The “How many baby items can you name” game will have extra credit points for each word your guests can come up with that associates with Cabbage Patch. The “Who can make the mother-to-be’s baby” game is going to have a bit of a comical twist to it. Hand out baby magazines and cabbage patch kids magazines to the guests and have them create a half human, half cabbage patch kids version of what they think the baby will look like.

“Baby scrambler” will have scrambled words associating with baby, parenting and Cabbage Patch Kids. Instead of “Pin the sperm on the egg” you can do “pin the bottle on cabbage patch doll”. “Guess the baby item” will be more like “Guess the cabbage patch year”. You can have Cabbage Patch events or Cabbage Patch dolls that your guests will have to guess what year that doll or event was introduced to the public.

For the “Baby trivia” game, have questions about babies, but also have questions about Cabbage Patch Kids, such as what year they were invented, the inventors name, their original name, etc.

Although the baby shower is revolved around the Cabbage Patch Kids theme, it’s still a baby shower and therefore can have the usual baby shower games and activities. For example “Guess mommys’ tummy size”, “Guess how many safety pins”, “What’s in the diaper”, etc. A Cabbage Patch theme is not too difficult to implement as there are many possibilities for games and decorations.

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