How to Make a Candy Pacifier Necklace

Candy pacifier necklaces can be great favors for your baby shower, and can also be used in baby shower games. There are various ways to make necklaces like this, and I’ll outline just one method here but you should feel free to be creative and inventive when making yours and modify this recipe. To make these, you’ll use Life Savers and jelly beans. The colors are up to you, although many people use white Life Savers to make the base of the pacifier and then vary the colors of the “nipple” portion.


The overall idea is that you will be gluing the two Life Savers together so they form something of a “T”. This will be the base of the pacifier. Then you can glue the jelly bean to the top (flat) Life Saver. Then, take a piece of ribbon and loop it through the bottom lifesaver. An alternative to glue is to use a type of icing. This should allow the lifesavers and jelly bean to stick together, and is also edible. You must, however, choose an icing that becomes firm enough to hold the candies in place. Another variation is to use another type of candy in place of the jelly bean. This can be gum drops or really any oval shaped hard candy.

Once you have the pacifiers made you can use them in a number of ways. One option is to create necklaces out of the pacifiers. To do this, simply string a number of pacifiers together on a ribbon. The necklaces can then be given to guests as they enter the shower, even placed on their neck like a Hawaiian lei. Another option is to give them out only when someone wins a game. There are even options for games that are focused on the pacifiers. For example, hand out a select few necklaces when guests walk in that have a certain color candy (red for example). Then you can announce that anyone with red candy pacifiers win a prize. Or, pacifier necklaces can be placed in a bin and guests must make an estimate as to how many pacifiers are in the bin.

Should all else fail and your necklace-making efforts don’t work out, these can be purchased at many stores that sell items for baby showers. Candy-pacifier necklaces are just one way to add some fun and creativity to your baby shower. You should try to come up with other fun ideas to make your shower original and entertaining!

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