Circus Baby Shower

Planning a circus themed baby shower?  Here are some simple ideas.

Set the right environment.

– Decorate with circus themed items.  Many party supply companies are now producing decorations you’ll need. Some are even featuring baby animals and clowns.

– Have the sound track or video of Dumbo playing.

Serve the right food.

– Offer popcorn in circus-type red and white boxes.

– Offer corn dogs and hot dogs.

– Fold cloth napkins into diaper shapes, filling them with mints or finger foods and sealing them with small safety pins or diaper pins.

– Serve “clown cones.”‘  Fill sugar cones used for ice cream w/ cake batter and bake.  Top with a cupcake and decorate to look like a clown.  (This decorating can be done as an activity, also.)

– Serve a circus train cake with the individual cars being cupcakes decorated appropriately.

Play the right games.

Like the games at a carnival, the games at the circus themed baby shower will be rewarded with game tickets.  Everyone receives one just for arriving.  At the end of the party, the guests will be able to choose their prizes according to the amount of tickets they earned.  They may choose from their level or any lower levels.  The prizes can even be circus themed!

– The first activity (upon entering the shower) will be to decorate a small clown face mask which will be worn as a pin.  Each guest is provided with a sturdy 3X5 index card, scissors and markers.  Do not use anything that requires gluing or painting because it won’t be ready to wear immediately.  The guests will safety pin it to her shirt.   Everyone wins a ticket for finishing the project.

– Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size.  Use licorice, a traditional circus candy, as the ruler.  The guest whose estimate is the closest wins a ticket.

– Balloon pop.  Insert a piece of paper numbered 1, 2, or 3 inside many balloons.  Fill them with air and tie off.  Scatter them on the floor.  Give the guests 1 to 2 minutes to pop as many balloons as they can without using their hands.  They need to keep the numbers inside each balloon they pop so they can get the amount of tickets which match their total points.

– Keep quiet.  If someone says “baby” and is caught by another guest, that guest gets to take the speaker’s clown face mask.  At the end of the shower, the guests get as many tickets as they have masks.

– Word scramble.  Scramble 20 words found in the song “Baby Mine” from Dumbo.  Turn off the sound track before this game!  The guests have heard it long enough and should know enough of the lyrics.  Give the guests a set amount of time to unscramble them.  The person who unscrambles the most wins the ticket.

– Fill in the blank.  Make a copy of the lyrics to “Baby Mine,” but leave many blanks.  Again, turn off the music!  Give a set time and have the guests fill in the blanks. The person with the most correctly completed lyrics wins the ticket.

– Lollipop tree.  This is using another common circus candy.  The tips of the lollipop sticks are color coded according to the amount of tickets they are worth.  The color code and ticket value is posted.  The lollipops are inserted into a block of Styrofoam decorated with balloons and other circus items.  When a guest selects a lollipop, she earns that many tickets.

– Baby item guess.  This is really fun with first time moms because they might not know what all the baby care items are!  Experienced moms might be surprised by the new things on the market.  Each guess is asked to bring a new baby item.  The mother to be may not see them before the game.  Before the game starts, the guests make a guess of how many items she feels the mom to be will be able to correctly identify.  The mom to be is blindfolded and handed one item at a time. She may use all her senses (except sight) to identify it.  Someone keeps record of her guesses and if they are correct or not.  The person who came closest wins a ticket.  The mom to be gets to keep the items.

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