Colors can make great themes that provide a lot of diversity. Here are some popular baby shower colors:

  • Yellow Baby Shower

    Yellow baby shower decorations contain a degree of positivism and energy that no other color can bring about.

  • White Baby Shower

    White is the color of innocence, purity and a new beginning. What could be better for a baby shower theme?

  • Rainbow Baby Shower

    The rainbow is colorful and perfect for a fun and jolly baby shower. Here are several ideas about rainbow baby shower decorations.

  • Purple Baby Shower

    Purple is a very luxurious and rich color. It is one of the perfect picks for intriguing and stylish baby shower decorations.

  • Polka Dot Baby Shower

    Polka dots add much to the appeal of the baby shower. They look great and very positive, giving special appeal to your party.

  • Pink Baby Shower

    Pink is the perfect color for a baby shower dedicated to the birth of a little girl. Pink is a color connected traditionally to femininity.

  • Green Baby Shower

    Green is the color of nature. It will be tremendous for the baby shower that you are organizing.

  • Blue Baby Shower

    Blue color for baby shower decorations is mostly suitable for boys but it will look fun and beautiful for nearly any other occasion and theme.

  • Black Baby Shower

    Black may seem like a rather unsuitable color for a baby shower but it looks very stylish and very innovative.

  • Orange Baby Shower

    Orange is a truly wonderful color for a baby shower. It looks positive and very sunny.

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