How to Make a Baby Diaper Bouquet

Who would think that a diaper could be an item of great beauty and pleasure?  Diaper crafts have been a popular way to create your own gifts for a baby shower and a diaper bouquet is one gift that the mom-to-be is sure to love.


Creating a baby diaper floral centerpiece can be creative and challenging.  It can be used as a centerpiece for the buffet table or it can hang from a streamer over the gift table.  Decide where you are going to place it before you begin and the size and scale you will need to make the most impact.  Next, find a nice size baby doll either girl or boy depending on the sex of the baby for whom the shower is being given.

To start with, you will need white crepe paper which you simply fold in half around the doll, or you can cheat and actually use an already made diaper.  The corners can be either tied with beautiful bows, or tied with string.  Although diapers are generally white, you may use pink, blue or any other color crepe paper you like as the basic diaper.  Once you have the basic diaper, the fun begins.

If the baby is going to be a girl, you may secure on the diaper a number of petite flowers, preferably fresh flowers, glitter or sequences matching your baby shower colors.  Another idea is to cover the diaper with tiny bow ribbons.  If the baby is going to be a boy, why not cover the diaper with tiny floral looking cars, trucks, or helmets.  Your florist can recommend a flower that will give you the effect you want.

After the diaper is completed, let the diaper rest near some burning incense so that the odor penetrates the diaper.

If you really want to make an impression, dress one of the little children at the shower in a decorated diaper and let them walk around the room.  It will be a great conversation piece to get your shower started. You will enjoy not only creating the floral diaper, but the many compliments you will receive.

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