Baby Shower Drink Ideas

Beverages are even more important than the food you serve during a baby shower. They keep guests refreshed and they affect the party atmosphere.

Drinks have to be chosen on the basis of the shower’s theme. The time of the day when the baby shower is held will also play a role. You will also have to choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

Some hostesses go for traditional and widely popular drinks. Others go for more unusual and exotic opportunities that will surprise the guests and get them acquainted with something new.

Here are several baby shower drink ideas that you will certainly find attractive and fun to make.

Milk Shakes
The milk shake is a wonderful afternoon opportunity. So many kinds of milk shakes are available that you will be able to prepare something interesting and original for everybody’s needs.

A simple and delicious fruit shake can be made out of two apples, one banana, one glass of milk, one teaspoon of honey and a little bit of your favorite crushed nuts.

Blend the apples and the bananas. Add the milk and stir. The honey and crushed nuts add the final touch to the fruit shake. Serve chilled. Prepare the milk shake shortly before serving since it will change color otherwise.

The chocolate milk shake is the most popular option. It is made easily of milk and chocolate ice cream that are finely blended together.

Lemonade and Citrus Juices
Lemonades and citrus juices are excellent picks for hot summer days. These beverages are very refreshing and tasty. In addition, they are very healthy because of the vitamin C contained.

Lemonade is very easy to make. You will need four lemons, eight tablespoons of sugar, crushed ice, water and lemon slices for decoration.

Mix half a liter of cold water with the sugar. Stir until all of it gets dissolved. Squeeze the juice out of the lemons. Add it to the sugar and water. Chill the drink. Before serving the juice, add the crushed ice and decorate with lemon slices.

Fresh orange or grapefruit juice is another tremendous option. You can even experiment and combine different types of citrus juices to create the best mix.

Punches come in many colors. Some of them contain alcohol while others are solely juice mixes. A punch can be discovered for nearly any type of occasion.

Tropical punches are usually made with pineapple juice and other more exotic ingredients – orange juice, slices of mango or even coconut. Sprite or sparkly water are added to increase the lightness and refreshing factor of the drink.

The most popular alcohol for the preparation of punches is rum. Rum is a lighter type of alcohol. It will keep the drink light and delicious without increasing its alcoholic content significantly.

Many people love coffee punches. You have several such options available, as well.

Some punches can be served with ice cream. Others go well with fruit slices. Add crushed ice to keep them chilled. You can experiment with punch recipes or prepare your favorite punch. Everybody will be happy with the availability of this drink.

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