Baby Shower Family Feud Game

A great game to add fun to a baby shower is the baby shower Family Feud game. It is the lighthearted version of the TV game show called the Family Feud.  The baby shower Family Feud game involves topics pertaining to baby categories. An example would be to name the top 5 boy names in the United States in 2010.

This game can be great if you have just a handful of guests attending the baby shower or have a roomful.  You can divide guests at the shower into teams.  This does a few things for the party.  It gets your guests an opportunity to talk and get to know one another.  It also makes time go by and the guests end up laughing and having a great time.

First do your homework.  You have to come up with questions regarding, pregnancy, babies, moms and dads to be, grandparents or any other topics that would pertain to the baby shower theme.  Find out online for quick reference most popular responses to different questions.  An example might be five top boy or girl names in 2010.  Another idea might be to name the top five cities in the United States with births in the past year.

Play baby shower Family Feud by following the rules by the popular TV version since most guests will be familiar with these rules.  Since teams won’t have buzzers a different idea might be to give a squeaky dog toy to each team. The teams will try to buzz in and answer the question and guess the most popular answer.  The person who is the quickest to buzz in first gets to answer first.  If the answer is not the number one answer, the other guest gets to try an answer.

The hostess can always shorten the game for time restraints by withdrawing a round and go directly to the bonus round.  Make sure since there are teams and not individual winners and that there are adequate amount of prizes given to the lucky team that wins during the popular game. Prize ideas can be fun items, candles, cute notepaper, pins or some homemade fudge in gift boxes.  Baby shower Family Feud is a fun game for all and will give the shower nothing but positive feedback with your family and friends.

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