Baby Shower Gift Poems and Poem Ideas

A product that comes in the form of a gift can rarely express all of your sentiments and your best wishes. Gifts are often accompanied by cards that hold a special message.


When attending a baby shower, you will be selecting a present for the mom-to-be and her unborn child. Baby shower gift poems usually accompany the gift you have selected. You may wonder why such poems are needed. The truth is that the poem makes your gift much more personal and special.


What is a Baby Shower Gift Poem?

A baby shower gift poem is a simple set of rhymes that can be emotional, cute or funny. The poem is written inside a card that goes alongside the gift.


Gift poems can be discovered online. Some cards come with poems printed on them. This option is acceptable but it is much less personal than a poem that is handwritten on the card.


Some people who feel more creative and inspired will even come up with their own baby shower gift poems. The process is far from complicated. Verses remain relatively simple and it is all about the emotional value rather than the poetic merits.


Why do You Need to Include a Baby Shower Gift Poem?

Baby shower gift poems are really needed to turn the product into a complete gift package. A pack of diapers or baby lotion can look impersonal and distanced. The gift is practical, yet it lacks a face and a personality. This is what the baby shower gift card accomplishes.


The baby shower gift card is your signature. It lets the mom-to-be know who is delivering the gift and what the person feels. The tone of the poem can say a lot about you, your intentions and the manner in which you perceive the mom-to-be.


Many people fear the poem creation or selection process. Will the poem look good or is it going to seem too clichéd? It is all about expressing personality. As long as the poem speaks in your language, you have managed to achieve your goal.


Baby Shower Gift Poem Samples

Give poem writing a try. The results could be really surprising, especially if you have never tried writing poetry before. Still, some people will be unhappy with the results or too shy to share those with the rest of the world.


If you are uncertain about writing your own baby shower gift poem, you can look for one online. Various websites contain ideas and poems that can be readily used by anyone about to attend a baby shower.


Here are several baby shower gift poems that may come to the rescue in case you are clueless and wondering what to do:


Your baby shower is here,

And I’m glad I got invited.

Here’s a baby gift,

I hope you’ll be delighted!


A package wrapped in colored strings

Could be so very many things

A toy, a shirt, a sweater vest,

A pillow, book or small toy chest.

A fancy doll or quilted shrug,

A stuffed giraffe or puppet bug,

A pair of shoes, tiny and new,

Could be in there waiting for you.

There’s just no way to know for sure

It could be something quite obscure,

What could this baby present be?

You’ll have to open it and see!


Surprise! A baby gift from us!

Don’t say “no” or start a fuss.

It was our pleasure, all the way,

But there is more we have to say!

We’re hoping that your little one

Will think this present’s lots of fun,

We picked it out with that in mind,

It’s the sweetest gift that we could find.

So please enjoy this token, dear,

And open it with smiles and cheer,

We hope that you will think it’s great,

And you don’t even need to wait!

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