Hello Kitty Baby Shower

The Hello Kitty baby shower is one way you can get as “kawaii” (rhymes with “Hawaii”) as you want! This Japanese word for “cute and sweet” would be the perfect way to describe this truly girly Japanese icon.

Why not do a take on this icon and throw a costume party slash baby shower? It’s a great way to get all the guests involved in the activities. Put an incentive for the guests to come in costume with an extra-special prize for the cutest, pinkest, girliest outfit.

The over-all color scheme for this baby shower should be all shades of pink. Put a bow around everything you can to emphasize the feminine factor. For the invitations, you can find Hello Kitty cards online that would work perfectly. Or, why not make your own? A stylized bow cut out of salmon pink construction paper with details worked in with black pen strokes is both original and in keeping with the theme.

Another shape associated with Hello Kitty is the heart. Big, puffy white and pink heart balloons finished off with a large bow could decorate the corners of the room. Glue on a few sparkly beads both on the balloons themselves and on the strings or ribbons that hold them for interest.

Decorate the walls with various sized cut-outs of hearts in different shades of pink. Add rhinestones or sequins to the hearts as well. As the center of interest, look for a large poster of Hello Kitty and “frame” it with an ornate, gilt, cardboard frame cutout. Draw in details with a black pen to give it a cartoonish look.

The tables should be visions of cuteness, too. Break the monotony of pink by having an undercloth of sunny yellow or baby blue. Then, top it with a light pink overcloth that you’ve attached fabric hearts to. Glue on pink and white rhinestones in strategic places all over both cloths.

Hello Kitty is usually depicted with roses and those would be wonderful flowers for the centerpiece. Have some pink and yellow or light blue roses filling up an old-fashioned English floral teapot and surround it with rose blossoms floating in pastel-hued Japanese teacups in coordinating colors.

Place a pink plate at each setting but echo the color of the undercloth with the napkins rolled and placed on top of each plate. Bring the whole setting together by tying the napkin up with a pink satin ribbon and finishing it with a bow.

Offer a mix of light snacks to your guests. A selection of sandwiches like a savory one made with whole wheat bread and filled with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and baby basil leaves dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and a sweet one made with cream bread filled with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes would be delicious.

As a sweet, be adventurous and create “dora-yaki” or a pair of tiny sweet pancakes filled with a sweet filling like traditional red bean paste or macerated berries. Decorate the pancakes with kitty drawings drawn with edible ink pens.

Any Hello Kitty product would be cute as a favor but you could add heart-shaped bath salts or chocolates to add that “kawaii” flair to your Hello Kitty baby shower.


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