King of the jungle baby shower

King of the jungle baby shower theme is perfect for boys, but you can use it for girls too, if you like. Of course, the theme would be called “queen of the jungle” or, why not, “princess of the jungle”, but the food, decorations and party supplies remain the same. Fortunately, there are many party supplies available, if you decide to go with the king of the jungle baby shower theme.

A simple online search and you will be able to find napkins, tablecloths, invitations, balloons, thank you notes and even baking cups, all of them featuring the king of the jungle – the lion (or lioness) and other jungle animals. You have two possibilities: go with a generic lion or pick a particular character for the party. A great idea for king of the jungle baby shower theme is Simba, the sweet lion character from the animated movie “The Lion King”. When it comes to toys, baby clothes and party decorations featuring Simba the lion, you have nothing to worry about: you’ll find plenty of them.

Since we’re talking about the jungle, you should pick yellow, green, red and brown as the main colors for decorating the room. Also, it’s a great idea to get some pots with big, exotic plants. Buying the plants just for the baby shower it might be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are many florist shops that rent plants for special events – it’s a very elegant and in the same time affordable solution for transforming the room into an exotic, mysterious jungle. To complete the decoration, you can also buy some hanging plush toys (monkeys and birds) and hang them all over the room, from the ceiling and from the plants.

For the centerpiece, it’s best to stick to the traditional one for baby showers – the diaper cake. Not only they look great, but also the mom-to-be will actually use each item from the diaper cake. If you want the centerpiece to spell “king of the jungle” you only need a couple of items. Buy a yellow piece of cloth (something that looks like fur) and a plush lion toy. After you put the diaper cake together, wrap the furry cloth around it, to make it look like a lion’s body. You can also use yellow baby towels instead of the furry cloth. Make the lion’s tail from another piece of cloth or from another towel. Put the lion toy on top of the cake – it would be great if you find a plush toy featuring a big lion head and a small body. This way, it will look like the diaper cake itself is the lion’s body.

When it comes to the food, grilled goodies are a great idea. Some grilled meat and fish, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits will make a delicious meal for your guests. Prepare a plate with exotic fruits and a chocolate fountain for dipping the fruits – you certainly won’t need another desert. As for baby shower favor, you can prepare a nice mix of nuts and dried fruits and pack them in nice recipients.
The guests and the mom to be will certainly enjoy the lovely theme, party decorations and foods.

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