Penguin Baby Shower

So you know someone that is decorating their baby room in Penguins?  If you want to throw a fun and festive baby shower themed around the baby’s room theme, here are some ideas for you!

Black and white!  How formal!  But it can be made fun by doing it for a baby shower.  Use black and white for everything:  Plates, napkins, silverware, table linens and maybe even get some fancier stemware to use for this occasion.  Maybe even tie some white linen around some high backed chairs with a black bow.

The cake should also follow the theme, but can be a whole lot more fun.  Cupcakes put on a tower that looks like it is a white snowy mountain cascading down with a couple of penguins surfing down the mountain is one idea.  A sheet cake with the background blue and bunch of penguins playing in the water is also fun.  There are so many options out there now for cakes done by bakeries, it doesn’t have to be hard to find the right one! Decorations can be easy as well.  Some possibilities would include black and white balloon bouquets, little penguins placed throughout the room, covering the countertops with white cotton to simulate snow, streamers made to look like ice cubes or even just covering the ceiling with white balloons.  Decorating is supposed to be fun so keep it light and easy and you will find your way.

There are so many options out there for games now.  Researching different options online is always a good idea, but here are some to sift through while it’s still fresh in your mind:

Pin the beak on the penguin

Word scramble using different names of birds (include penguin in there somewhere)

Find the your specific color (black or white) safety pin in a basin full of rice

Baby Bingo using a penguin as the center piece and baby words (diapers, formula, powder, etc.) as the words to find

Guess what will be in the baby’s room (we know penguins will be one!)

Guess what kind of baby food that is and drop the jars into little black and white cupcake holders to cover the names up

How many penguins are needed to wrap around the mommy (Link together a bunch of penguins and have everyone decide how many of them it will take to get around the mommy’s waist; the person closest to the truth wins!)

Fishing for Penguins (or fishing for fish for the penguins)

Build a diaper tower to have the penguin slide down (whoever finishes first wins)

Keep the games short and simple and they will be more fun for all.

Don’t forget the guests!  Send out the invitations explaining the theme to everyone and make sure you send them out with enough time for everyone to be able to save the date on their calendar.  Maybe ask around and see if people want to dress up in just black and white attire?  Or maybe dress a little more formal?  Another idea would be to take black cards and put a White bow tie on the front of it.  Call it a black and white tie affair and on the inside have a little penguin standing there with his bow tie on.  You can make even the invitations fun!  The mommy to be will appreciate this when she is scrap booking her first baby book for the little one on it’s way.

Keep in mind that it is easy and fun to make your own decorations, invitations and gift wrap.  Get your own kids involved!  Before you go out to purchase everything think about what you can make yourself and save a few pennies.  Who knows?  You might end up having such a good time, you decide to do this more often!

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