Baby Shower Price Is Right Game

One of the biggest concerns of a hostess for a baby shower is how to entertain the guest and keep them from being bored to death.  A great plan would be to have a few games lined up and have the guests be able to win prizes to take home and keep for themselves.  We all love winning something, no matter the silliness of the method or what the prize may be. It’s the fun and excitement of it all.  When we play games at baby showers it gives everyone the opportunity to get to know the other guests and to laugh and have fun with one another. Games and activities ease some of the tension that people often feel after getting invited to parties and really not knowing the other people.  It allows the guests to share laughs with each other and just have a good time.

One way to do that is to plan a game of “The Price is Right”.  Who doesn’t love “The Price is Right” game?  We would all get on that television show if we could.  The rules of the game are as follows:

– Go to your nearest discount store (as you do not want to spend too much money) and purchase a few inexpensive items.  There will be two (2) separate items to purchase, one being the baby items, (around 20 -25) selective items such as baby bottles, pacifiers, washcloths, rattles, booties, etc.), and the other items will be used for gifts for the grand prizes such as candy, coffee mugs, picture frames, small figurines, small photo albums, etc. Have enough prizes for at least six (6) winners.

– Write the cost of each individual baby item on that item itself.

– Give each of your guests a piece of paper and writing utensil.  After displaying one item at a time, ask the guests to write down the correct cost of each item/product. Do this in an area that the guests cannot see each other’s answers.

– Now, again show each item/product, only this time show the actual price of the item/product. Tell your guests to write the correct price next to their guess on the item/product.

– Awards will be given to the guests for this baby shower game based on who is most accurate on the price or the guest that has two (2) prices closest to being correct, and then give awards for the most inaccurate guess and finally the guest that was completely wrong all the way around.

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