Baby Shower Punch Recipes for Boys

Punches feature among the most popular and loved party drinks. A punch bowl looks great on the party buffet table. In addition, the diversity of recipes makes it easy to pick the most appropriate punch for the occasion.

A baby shower could be focused on the gender of the little one that mom-to-be is expecting. The birth of a baby boy predetermines many of the party aspects.

A punch can also be selected to correspond to the birth of a baby girl or a baby boy. Blue-colored punches look great and will be very appropriate for a baby boy. You will find numerous ways to make delicious and appropriately colored baby shower punches.

Here are several recipes for blue punches that will look great, especially if you have selected blue decorations.

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Punch
To make a bowl of this delicious punch, you will need one package of a blue-colored drink mix, one bottle of Sprite, one bottle of white cranberry juice, one cup of sugar and vanilla flavored ice cream.

Mix the blue instant drink with the sprite. Make sure that it gets dissolved well. Add the cranberry juice. Slowly pour the sugar into the mix. Stir carefully. Your punch is ready. Chill it before serving.

Shortly before the party starts, pour the punch into the bowl. Make ice cream scoops and let them float in the bowl. The vanilla ice cream can be substituted with any other flavor that you are fond of. To chill the punch even more, you can add some crushed ice to the bowl.

Blue Exotic Punch
Are you going to hold a beach-themed baby shower? This blue exotic punch will be very appropriate for your party. The following ingredients will be needed: one package of blue-colored drink mix, one bottle of soda or Sprite, two cans of pina colada flavored drink, two cups of sugar.

Mix the instant drink with the pina colada. Add the sugar and stir until all of it gets dissolved. Get the drink chilled well. Add the Sprite or soda just before you serve this blue exotic punch. You can decorate with pineapple slices or bits of banana that will turn the bowl into something more exotic and enticing.

Blue Fruit Punch
A classical fruit punch can easily be turned into something appropriate for a baby shower dedicated to a boy.

The ingredients you will need include one package of blue-colored instant drink, one bottle of grape juice, fresh orange juice, one cup of lemon juice, half a bottle of pineapple juice, two cups of sugar and half a bottle of water.

Get all of the juices chilled before you mix them. Squeeze the oranges and lemons to get the sufficient quantities of fresh juice.

Mix the grape juice and water with the instant drink mix. All other juices should be pored in one after the other. You can certainly go for other types of fruits, as long as they leave the color of the punch unaffected.

Get the punch chilled. Add crushed ice just before serving it. Naturally, you can decorate the punch bowl with pieces of fruit and maraschino cherries.

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