Baby Shower Punch Recipes for Girls

The traditional color for a baby shower dedicated to girls is pink. It is delicate, feminine and attractive.

Decorations and even foods can be chosen to supplement the theme. Coming up with pink foods is usually easy and fun. Punch is one of the beverages that are commonly available at a baby shower. A pink punch bowl will look great and will fit in the theme.

Here are various recipes that will help you come up with delicious and attractive pink punch recipes for the baby shower you are organizing.

Raspberry Baby Shower Punch
This punch has a very attractive and enticing appearance. It is pink, which makes it perfect for the girl-themed baby shower you are organizing.

The ingredients that you will need for the preparation of the raspberry baby shower punch include one bottle of pink lemonade, one bottle of soda or Sprite and two quarts of raspberry sherbet.

Mix the lemonade and the soda in a large bowl. Half of the sherbet should be added next. Stir well until you get the right texture. Keep the rest of the sherbet frozen. Chill the punch well before serving it.

Right before you put it on the buffet table, add scoops of the frozen sherbet to the raspberry punch. Decorate with fresh fruit slices.

Alcoholic Pink Punch
It will be ok to have an alcoholic punch available during the baby shower. Make sure that you have an alcohol-free option available, as well. This pink punch contains champagne, which makes it light and very festive.

The ingredients needed for the preparation of this pink punch include one bottle of cranberry juice, one bottle of pink lemonade, one bottle of champagne, one bottle of soda or Sprite and crushed ice.

Mix the cranberry juice with the lemonade. Add the champagne and the soda. Chill the punch well. Add the crushed ice to it right before serving.

Strawberry Pink Punch
Everybody loves strawberries. You can make a wonderful strawberry punch for the baby shower you are about to host. It will fit perfectly within the theme.

You will need one can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, one bottle of strawberry juice, one bottle of orange juice, one bottle of soda, frozen strawberries, eight quarts of ginger ale and crushed ice.

Mix the frozen pink lemonade concentrate with the strawberry juice, orange juice, soda and ginger ale. Let the punch chill in your refrigerator.

Before serving the punch, add the strawberries and the crushed ice to it. The strawberries could be cut into pieces. Have several fruits set apart for bowl decoration.

Pink colored punches are very easy to make and very delicious. The good news is that you can use many fruits that are naturally pink in color. Strawberries, raspberries and red grapes are all excellent choices.

Most punches are made in the same way, whether they are alcohol-free or containing some type of alcohol. Experiment with the ingredients and find the combination that happens to be most appealing. If in doubt, you can always discuss it with the mom-to-be.

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