Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Wording

Baby shower raffles are fun and creative ways to help the mom-to-be get all of the items and products that she will need when taking care of the baby. Raffles can come in many shapes and sizes and the most common way to hold these is a diaper raffle.


When it comes to baby showers raffles, you will have to do some planning. The wording you select for the invitation needs to reflect on the fact that the raffle will be held. You will also have to create raffle tickets.


What is a Baby Shower Raffle?

Raffle tickets are the focal point in a baby shower raffle. Rules for ticket sales differ and can be created entirely following the desires of the hostess and the mom-to-be.


One option is to have a diaper raffle. In this instance, guests who bring diapers as baby shower gifts receive more raffle tickets. Prizes are usually inexpensive but symbolical. The aim of the raffle is to help the mom-to-be and to entertain the guests.


When it comes to wording, there are no strict rules. The invitation has to describe clearly the type of raffle that will be taking place and the raffle ticket will focus solely on basic information.


A baby shower raffle is something that occurs quite often. The main aim of this activity is to provide the mom-to-be with everything she needs, while guests have fun and win intriguing prizes.


A raffle has no specific rules. It can be held in any way deemed appropriate. Some raffles focus on diapers. For example, guests who bring more diapers will receive more raffle tickets. Another option is for the tickets to be purchased.


Baby Shower Raffle Invitation Wording

The raffle invitation can be very fun and creative, as long as it contains all of the important information that guests need to get prepared for the raffle. If a diaper shower is held, for example, guests need to receive information about the gifts of preference,


No strict rules regulate the manner in which the invitation is worded and presented. It can often include poems dedicated to the raffle and the activities that guests will be enjoying.


Here is a sample of poems that can be used in the invitation of a baby shower that will also include a raffle:


Please bring a little extra from the heart

An unwrapped pack of diapers

To give them a good start!

For a chance to win a fabulous prize!


A bag of diapers or wipes for me

Would really help the parents-to-be.

So please bring a package any size.

Did I mention it could win you a really great prize?


Baby Shower Raffle Ticket Wording

The raffle ticket plays an important role during the baby shower but it contains small amount of information. It can be creative in terms of visuals and it can contain a catchy phrase, yet most often no serious wording effort is needed.


The ticket needs to have a price on it, as well as a number that will help determine the winners. It can also feature information about the items and gifts that will make guests eligible for raffle participation.


Baby shower raffle tickets can be purchased from nearly every decoration store. This fact makes it needless for the hostess to waste time and creative effort on coming up with raffle tickets herself.


A baby shower raffle requires some preparations, mostly when it comes to the selection of great prizes. In terms of wording, a raffle remains far from a challenging task. It is easy and straightforward. Creativity is needed solely if the hostess feels inspired and willing to put something extra into party planning.


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