Baby Shower Speech and Toasts

Delivering a speech during a baby shower is an honor and a responsibility at the same time. What are the right things to say? Can you make it humorous or would a sentimental approach be better suited?


To deliver a quality speech or a toast you will have to consider several aspects in advance. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel when the moment arrives. Taking the time to prepare in advance is the most certain way to guarantee your success.


Basic Structure of a Toast or a Speech

A speech or a toast follow a basic structure that helps guests understand what you are talking about and get a feel of your style. A brief introduction will be needed. Keep it as short, as possible. The intro is basically your way of saying hello and what the speech or toast is all about.


You will next move on to the main part. It could include a story, an anecdote or a number of personal recollections that you are willing to share with everyone. This is the essence of the speech or toast and usually its longest part.


The conclusion sums it all up. It explains what you have in mind. It can also contain your wishes or recommendations for the mom-to-be and her husband. This part of the speech/toast is the most emotional one. A good conclusion can turn a good speech into a breath-taking one.


Knowing the basics is a good start. Now you can start preparing and thinking about the most important aspects of your speech or toast.


Make It Personal

Forget about general speeches. These are suitable for any occasion but they will always remain mediocre. A great speech or toast is entirely personal and very emotional. You will be speaking out of your experience, not as a distant observer who has nothing to do with the event.


Use all of the memories and funny stories you have treasured over the years. Share some little moment you had with the mom-to-be. If you are a mom yourself, you can base the speech or toast on all of the wonderful moments and the confusions that parenthood is connected to.


The secret behind a good speech or a toast is personalization. You will certainly discover numerous speech samples online. The problem with these is that they resemble each other. There is nothing great and unique about a template. This option should be a last resort choice.


Avoid Clichés

Clichés are to be avoided, just like generalizations are. Clichés sound good and fancy. The problem with them is that everyone knows these phrases. There is nothing surprising or exciting about a cliché.


Instead of using words that ‘sound sophisticated,’ use your own words. They are sincere and they express your own thoughts and ideas.


Clichés are a safe option out, since many people are afraid of being original. After all, you may think that something is funny but everybody else will remain unimpressed. When in doubt, recite the speech to friends. Let them give you recommendations. An audience of several people can help you improve your speech or toast.


Practice in Advance

You have finally managed to come up with the perfect speech or toast. Wait a minute before you sigh in relief. You are not finished yet.


The way in which you deliver your speech is just as important as the content. Monotonous, uncertain tone can ruin even the biggest masterpiece.


Rehearse your speech or toast. Have your speech videotaped or speak in front of the mirror. Examine your body language and facial expression. Your body will help you make a statement. Modify the pieces that appear unconvincing. Have the speech memorized. You will feel more confident this way.


Delivering a speech or a toast can be exceptionally fun. You should never feel embarrassed or uneasy about it. Have fun putting the piece together and experiment with it. Rehearse, pick the right bits of information to include and be original. As long as you manage to do that, your speech or toast will turn out amazing.

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