Baby Sprinkle Wording and Sayings

The baby sprinkle is an event that resembles a baby shower but has its distinctive features. The name itself suggests that the gathering is much smaller.


When it comes to wording, baby sprinkles have their specifics. The invitations, cards, favors and decorative items all have specifics of their own. The differences are rather subtle but they provide guests with information about the type of the party that will be held.


What is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is an event traditionally held to mark the birth of children after the first one. The presumption here is that the mom-to-be already has the majority of baby care items that will be needed.


The sprinkle is a small celebration and the number of guests is limited. The gifts are different, as well. These are smaller items and products that are no longer available after the first baby was born – diapers, cosmetic products, napkins, etc.


A baby sprinkle requires less preparation since its scale is much smaller. It puts less strain on the hostess and the surroundings happen to be more intimate.


Baby Sprinkle Poem Ideas

Just like in the case of a baby shower, the hostess of a baby sprinkle will have to send out invitations, to make favors and to come up with the most suitable decorations.


Invitation wording is similar to a baby shower invitation. The only difference is that it mentions the type of the party and the presents that guests will be expected to bring.


Poems can be used effectively in the creation of baby sprinkle invitations. These are memorable, fun and quite adorable. Creative hostesses can come up with their own poems. Everybody else can utilize the tens of rhymes available online.


The poems included in this article are suitable for the wording of a baby sprinkle invitation:


Bibs and diapers and bottles galore

(name of mom-to-be and name of dad-to-be) are having one more

Big (sister/brother) has plenty to share

We’re hosting a “sprinkle” to show that we care

Come join our celebration before baby is due

We don’t know yet if it will be pink or blue


Little babies are so much fun

(name of mom-to-be and name of dad-to-be) are having another one.

Their second baby is on the way

We hope you’ll join us on this special day.


Newborn babies are lots of fun

And (name of mom-to-be) is having another one!

We’re having a baby sprinkle because

We want to show her new baby some love.

No need for big gifts

On this special date

Just small stuff, food, and diapers

And help us celebrate!


Baby Sprinkle Phrases and Verses

Apart from poems, you can use verses and simple phrases to create the right atmosphere and to express your thoughts and emotions connected to the big event.


Pick phrases that are worded in a similar manner and that follow the same style. Stylistic integrity is a prerequisite for a stylish party. Choose short and catchy verses that are easy to remember and that set the right mood.


The simplest phrases that can be included in the invitation answer several basic questions: what, where and when. List the type of party, the venue and the date. Provide RSVP information and directions, in case the venue is difficult to find. You should also include information about the best types of gifts.


These samples provide several types of baby sprinkle phrases, some straightforward and others that are a bit more humorous and creative:


(Name of mom-to-be) and baby (girl/boy) will be more than delighted to have you attending a baby sprinkle in their honor.


(Name of mom-to-be) has enjoyed motherhood so enormously that she has decided to have another one. Join us for a baby sprinkle celebration.


Let us sprinkle another baby girl/boy with love, affection and lots of attentionl. A baby sprinkle is on the way. Join the celebration on (date) at (venue).


Little babies are so much fun that (name of mom-to-be) is having another one. The sprinkle is schedules for (date) at (venue). Come to celebrate and to sprinkle the baby with blessings and love.

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