How to Make a Washcloth Corsage

Washcloth corsages for baby showers are a unique way of adding a little something special when dressing for a baby shower.  They can be worn as they traditionally are on a blouse or sweater or if you are very creative, can be done so they can be worn on the wrist.  It is nice to use colors that reflect the tone of the rest of the shower.  However, it’s not necessary.  Before making the corsage you have to decide if you intend to make it with the idea of being used afterwards.  If so, you need to know not to use anything that is toxic on the washcloths like glue and other materials that would only be used for permanency of the corsage staying together.

Select a color of washcloth and something that is thin.  It is great to use a thin washcloth because it truly makes the flower look more like the rose by not using thicker more expensive washcloths.  Fold in half or three’s depending on the size of the washcloth.  Roll the center tightly and gradually go a little bit lower after each layer you wrap.  Secure the washcloth at the end with a straight pin hiding it and securing the end to avoid it from unrolling.

Add a little bit of greenery that you can find at your local discount stores or craft stores.  Attach with floral tape to give a more realistic look and add artificial baby breaths.  Select a pretty floral ribbon to bring the look together and if the mom-to-be likes “bling” add some sparkle or crystal glitter to the edges of the leaves.

If you want to make variety of flower sizes in the corsage, it’s possible to use baby socks with the same technique and because they are smaller they give the impression of small rose buds.  Use a variety of colors and they will surely be a conversation piece.

A ribbon is a wonderful way of finishing the look of the corsage.  Choose a ribbon that has some shape to it and will not limp when working with it.  A nice ribbon to use is something that wire in it.  Loop the ribbon around your thumb.  Go back and forth in a figure eight always showing the right side of the ribbon.  At the end, make a large loop which will be your tale.  Secure with a wire tie keeping the center of the ribbon secure to your layers of figure eight ribbon.  Cut the tale in half so you have two ends.  Secure your ribbon to the floral arrangement with wire and then add a pin or wrist holder to finish the corsage.