How to Make a Towel Bear

First, in order to build your own towel bear you need two hand towels, two bath towels six wash towels, preferably of the same color to get the full bear effect. Also needed are 10 ribbons and rubber bands to hold the towels in place after rolling them.

First, roll the two bath towels from one side to the other. Roll one hotdog style, to make the body of the bear. This one will be the biggest circle, and then use the rubber band or ribbon to hold the towel in this shape.

Then, roll the other bath towel hamburger style. This bathroom will be slightly smaller then the body and will be the head of the bear. Again use the ribbon or rubber band to hold this towel in this shape as well.

After this roll the two hand towels from side to side in the same manner. These will be the ears of the bear. Make sure they stay in the same place using the ribbon or rubber band.

Finally take the 4 wash towels, and roll them all from side to side in the same manner. These will be the arms and legs of the bear.

In order to hold your bear together, double sided tape or a very small amount of glue can be used. Double sided tape works the best and doesn’t ruin the towels!

Place the body on the table and place double sided tape on the bottom left and right parts of the towel. Attach two wash towels. This should make it so the bear can sit up. Then put tape on the left and right upper side of the body. Add the other two wash towels.

In the center, put more double sided tape and place the other bath towel here. You can really see the bear starting to take shape. After attaching the head, place double sided tape on the upper left and ride sides and then attack the two hand towels as the ears.

Now you have your very own towel bear! You can add decorations or more ribbons as you desire. It makes a great gift at baby showers and the towel bear is also really cute!

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