Unique Baby Shower Themes and Theme Ideas

Kick up your baby shower with five unique, memorable  theme ideas for your guests to participate in with delicious food, silly games, and memories for a lifetime.

You’ve been asked to host a baby shower.  What to do?  Take a deep breath, don’t panic, and have fun with it.  Planning a baby shower is all about planning ahead.  Pull out the creative stops to make the baby shower fun, unique, and memorable through your choice of food, decorations, and games.  The best way to do this is with a theme.

Here are a few unique baby shower theme ideas:

Jungle Babies Baby Shower

A mother of three from Texas suggested this “wild” theme shower.  Pick invitations with jungle themes, leopard or tiger prints that really stand out.

Decorations are limited only by your own imagination.  Set stuffed animals (tigers, bears, elephants, zebras, etc.) out to set the jungle mood.  Drape sheets and curtains for a safari look. Have the soundtrack of “The Lion King” playing.  Thread vines and leaves around for authenticity, adding camouflage material or tree limbs.  Ask guests to dress is khaki or white and have fans softly blowing.

For the table, set out a cardboard tent, magnifying glass, toy Jeep, camera, and a map to a treasure.  Pick foods relating to the jungle theme:  bear claws, small boxes of animal crackers, fruit platters, and exotic mixed greens salad, yogurt and honey dip, veggie tray, finger foods like meatballs or sausages or small chicken bites that can be eaten with toothpicks.

Games for this event will make the day.  Print out sheets of paper with mother animal names and blanks next to them for your guests to write in the baby name (cow/calf, butterfly/caterpillar, tiger/cub.)  Another is “test your monkey skills.” Sit participant in a chair and blindfold them.  Place a bowl of raisins on their head and have them transfer the raisins with a fork to a bowl on their lap.  Another is to place Swedish fish or gummy worms in a bowl covering them with whipped cream.  Tie participants’ hands behind their back.  The first one to finish their candy wins.

Clothing Theme Baby Shower

A mom of two adopted daughters in Pennsylvania recommended a clothing theme shower.  See if you can find invitations with clotheslines, diaper pins, or the shape of overalls or a onesie.

To decorate, put up a clothesline with a white sheet and lots of diaper pins.  Hang baby clothes with clothes pins from the line.  Add bibs, socks, blankets—all things the mother-to-be can take home with her. (Helps with clean up!)

Since the theme is generic, you can do anything with the food from simple finger sandwiches, petit fours, cheese straws, and crudité to the more involved rustic create-your-own Panini, an omelet making station, or an extensive homemade salad bar with different lettuces and greens, veggies of all sorts, meat toppings, and a variety of dressings.

For games, have guests decorate a plain onesie using fabric pens.  Also, have guests wear a diaper pin.  If you’re caught saying “baby” or “clothes,” you have to give your pin to the person who caught you.  The person with the most pins wins a prize.  Another game is to seal ten paper bags with a baby item (lotion, aspirator, Q-tips, spoons, powder, etc.) Everyone guesses what’s inside.  The most right wins a prize.  Finally, pass out yarn and have people guesstimate how much would it would take to fit around the mom-to-be’s belly.  The person who comes closest wins.

Diaper Theme Baby Shower

A friend in Florida who’s hosted six baby showers in the last year said you can wow your guests with a diaper themed baby shower.  Fashion paper into the shape of a diaper for your invitations.  Play up the puns, she said, with “Don’t miss this party or you’ll be a stinker” on the invitation.

The centerpiece for your table can be a diaper cake, where receiving blankets, disposable, and cloth diapers are rolled up and formed into “layers” to resemble a real cake.  Decorate it with ribbons, ties, pins, and wraps.  Play up pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby.

Games can include “Poopie Candy Diaper” where you melt a variety of candy bars into diapers and have guest figure out the brand.  Make pacifier necklaces using ribbon, Wintergreen Lifesavers, jelly beans, and icing to hold it together.  Have everyone wear the necklace and if you’re caught saying “baby” or “diaper,” you have to give up your necklace.  The one with the most wins.  Get everyone to decorated diapers with a variety of arts and crafts supplies – glitter, beads, markers, ribbons, etc.  Put things like “Baby goes in here” or “This end up.”

Covered Dish or Casserole Baby Shower

A Massachusetts mom (who grew up in the south) suggested throwing a “covered dish” shower or a casserole shower.  Invitations can be in the shape of anything food related.  Inform guests to bring a ready-to-serve casserole and the recipe on a 3 x 5 index cards for the mother-to-be.

Build off the food-related theme for your decorating by setting out fruits and vegetables as the centerpiece, interspersed with measuring spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen utensils, use herbs and flowers for more color.

The food is set, but have plenty of serving spoons.  You’ll need plates, utensils, cups/glasses, and napkins for everyone.  Clean up is easy when everyone takes their dish home.

For a game, try decorating a recipe box holder for index cards.  Have extra pens and cards for people to write down more recipes.  Divide the guests into two teams.  Make them run to one end of the room and eat something (apple, crackers, grapes, M&Ms), then blow up a balloon, sit on it, pop it, and run back and tag the next person.  Advice envelopes are a nice touch.  Guests write down advice or good wishes to the expectant mother and put it in an envelope with their name and address information.  Not only does your guest of honor have guidance on new motherhood, but she also has the addresses for her thank you notes. (This activity is good for any themed party.)

Backyard Barbecue Baby Shower

A stay-at-home mom in Oklahoma suggested everyone be involved in the party by hosting a Backyard Barbecue baby shower.  The men can help with the cooking and everyone gathers together for a great time.  Make sure invitations are addressed to the whole family and play up the barbecue theme with cards in the shape of a grill, an ear of corn, you name it.

Use checkered table cloths, wildflower centerpieces, and picnic condiments like pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions to decorate.  Have bales of hay, picnic tables, and metal tubs to put drinks in.  Set up a badminton or volleyball net in the yard and board games like Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Jenga at each table.

Food selection should take all guests into account from adult to kid and meat lover to vegetarian.  Grill up chicken, hot dogs, burgers, and veggies.  Have a selection of cheeses, spreads, and other toppings, as well as coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, and corn.  Serve buffet style for ease.

Games should also include everyone.  Playing off the advice envelope idea, have the men do it for the expectant father.  Also, decorate a chef’s apron for him, as well.  Have a contest to see who can diaper a doll the fastest with a blindfold on.  Play “The Water Broke” where you divide guests into teams and then they race with water balloons held between their legs without breaking them.  Create an obstacle course for stroller races.

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