How to Make a Washcloth Bouquet

It is hard to find something unique to add to a baby shower that hasn’t been done at other parties. However, a unique idea is the baby washcloth bouquet.  It is an inexpensive unique idea that not only will be a unique centerpiece for the party but also will be something that the mom to be will be able to use after the shower as well.  It is a nice way of decorating a baby shower in an inexpensive way as well.  Baby washcloths are not very expensive and the greenery and foliage can be purchased at most of your discount stores in most areas.

The baby washcloth bouquet looks difficult but actually is easy and takes very little time.  Simply find a package of baby washcloths.  It looks nice to use washcloths that have a different color surrounding the edging.  It isn’t necessary to buy expensive washcloths and it is highly suggested not to use the material that is thick.  Thinner washcloths make a better looking rose.  Fold the washcloth in half or thirds depending on the size.  Have the rim end of the washcloth showing and roll the washcloth with the layers slowly lower then the previous layer.


Use a straight pin to secure it together.  Take an artificial plant stem with the flower off.  Insert the stem into the washcloth flower.  To keep the flower secure to the stem, use another straight pin or two.  Remember these flowers are intended to be used following the shower so stay away from using different types of household or craft glue. The bouquets look best if using six or twelve flowers.  After all the flowers are done, a nice idea is to find a container the mother can use after the baby shower.  Some people insert a green floral styrofoam to insert the flowers individually so that they don’t slide around but it’s not necessary.

These bouquets can be used on a specialty table where the gifts will be placed at a baby shower or it can be placed as centerpieces on the tables with a variety of colors.  It is a great conversation piece for guests since most have not seen them before.  No matter what colors you decide or what level you are in creativity it is an easy creative way of decorating and giving a useful gift.  The mom-to-be will be excited that not only was it a beautiful gift but something she can use for her new baby soon!

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