How to Make a Baby Shower Wishing Well

Baby showers used to be simple little celebrations but have progressed to more complicated affairs that take months of preparations. Baby showers now have lots of new traditions to its regular rituals, one of which being the baby shower wishing well. Taking from the concept of wishing wells where a penny is thrown and a wish is made, the baby shower wishing well is especially made for the wishes of the mother-to-be and her new baby. This is a better choice as compared to the baby money tree where the guests feel obliged to give cold hard cash instead of giving a present they wrapped themselves.

To make your very own baby shower wishing well, here’s what you’ll need:

A round plastic tub

a child’s bucket

colored ribbons

two, inch thick, wooden dowels

one, half an inch thick, wooden dowels

one, a quarter of an inch thick, wooden dowel

A poster board

Disposable diapers

Some paint and a paintbrush

Hot glue for the glue gun

A saw

And some double sided tapes

Now here are the steps on how to make a baby shower wishing well.

Cut the inch thick dowel to 2 feet long. Paint on a color that would match the round plastic tub. Use the glue gun to secure the dowels on the plastic tub’s inside. Make sure it stands up directly facing the other dowels.


Then take your half-inch dowels and lay them down as if forming an inverted letter “U.” Glue them in place. The size of this dowel will depend greatly on how wide the tub is.


To make the roof, get your poster board and fold it in half. Take the fold of the board and place it over the half-inch dowel. Now take your quarter inch dowel and glue them to open up the roof.


Use the ribbon as the rope by tying it to the center of the quarter inch dowel, tying the other tip of the ribbon to the bucket’s handle.


Finally, take your disposable diapers and attach them to the tub using tape. Arrange the diapers in such a way that you would bricks – in an alternative manner.


What to fill the wishing well with is entirely your decision. You could either leave the decision to your guests or you can give them a list of things they could buy for the mom-to-be. Asking for money ruins the fun of it all so as much as possible avoid doing this.


However, if you must follow the wishing well tradition and ask for money or gift certificates, do make sure that they are placed inside an envelope or card to give them room to write their wishes for the new baby and expectant mom.


You can also use unpacked gifts that the guests can toss in the well. These gifts don’t necessarily have to pricey but should at least match what the giving guest’s wish is for the guest of honor. Like for instance, if you wish the baby to be an athlete you can bring a small football or something similar.


The mechanics are simple. Each gift is pulled out from the well either by the host or the guest and reads the wish written on the gift.


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